Sashes (belts) are worn to denote the level of experience achieved, in the following order:









In Imperial Dragon Kung Fu we do not give out a sash to new students but, instead, all sashes must be earned.  It will typically take about 3 months to attain a White Sash.

Gradings are held on a regular basis to test students' ability in terms of advancement in the ranks.

Students who have progressed to a minimum of Green Sash, and who demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the teachings of Imperial Dragon Kung Fu, can be promoted to Wasu (or Assistant Instructor) rank. This is marked by the wearing of a red sash with their own grade sash.

Sifus (Instructors) are identified by the wearing of a black sash, which is the highest of the standard grades achieveable in Imperial Dragon Kung Fu. Thereafter subsequent grades are called 'Degrees', and are signified by the wearing of a band of yellow on one end of the Black Sash: 1 band for 1st Degree Black Sash, 2 bands for 2nd Degree Black Sash, etc. In Imperial Dragon Kung FU 7th Degree Black Sash is the highest rank attainable.

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