1. Martial arts will not be demonstrated outside the training hall or without the presence of an instructor. No student will abuse their knowledge of martial arts and will behave in a manner, both inside and outside the school, which will no way bring their instructor, fellow students or the good name of Imperial Dragon Kung-Fu schools in disrepute.

2. The instructor’s word must be observed at all times and all instructors with the rank of black sash or above must be
addressed as ‘Sifu’ and assistant instructors as ‘Wasu’.

3. Salutation must be made on entering and leaving the Kwoon, also before and after practice with your partner. All techniques will be practised with control and respect for your partner. Horseplay or roughness will not be tolerated.

4. All students must be properly dressed for training at all times. Cleanliness is to be observed at all times, uniforms must be kept clean & tidy, hand and toenails must be kept shot. No jewellery (other than glasses or medical based ones) is to be worn during class unless it can’t be removed, in which it should then be covered with protective tape.

5. All module sheets must be completed and signed prior to grading and all students must have valid licence and insurance at least one week prior to day of grading. This licence book must be retained at all times and should be presented, on request by any instructor. In event of loss, this must be reported immediately to the instructor in charge. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to grade without any of the mentioned above, no exceptions!

6. Any student or instructor will be denied admission to any training session if found to be under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drug.


• If any member of the school has any medical complaint or suffers an injury prior to a training session, they must report it to the instructor in charge, before the class begins. Any injuries sustained during a training session must be reported immediately. This information will be taken into account and kept confidential.

• The first training session will be free of charge and each session thereafter will be chargeable at a set rate per week. This must be paid, when signing in, before each training session begins. Credit will not be given to any student without permission from the instructor.

• After four weeks of training all students must obtain full club membership, licence and insurance.

• After grading white sash and before attempting to grade for the yellow sash all students must obtain protective gear for sparring (groin guard, gum-shield and shin pads) and must have a full traditional Kung-Fu uniform.

• Before grading for orange sash all students must obtain full protective sparring equipment and after grading must obtain
protective head guard.

Any student in violation of any of the above rules, policies or not suitable for martial arts training, at the discretion of the instructor, may be reduced in rank, suspended or expelled.

" Martial arts is like a mirror, in which you look at yourself before you wash your face in the morning. You see yourself, simply, the way that you are. ~ Jiddu Krishnnamurti